30 janv. 2018
Mosul battle: ISIS kills 230 fleeing civilians, says UN
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03 févr. 2018
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17 mai 2018

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Who Are We

“Say No to ISIS” is an independent, non-partisan,  and non-profit website created by volunteers including Muslims, non-Muslims, Arabs and volunteers from the West. Our goal is to highlight dangers of extremism, radicalism and terrorism. We create and gather multimedia including articles, videos, cartoons, caricatures published on different websites and social media networks to focus on strategic threats posed by ISIS that seeks to spread its control across the globe.

We believe that extremism, terrorism, and radicalism are not exceptional phenomena that will disappear easily, especially in light of increasing recruitment and enrollment into ISIS’s ranks from different countries around the world. This threat is coupled with the fact that ISIS controls a wide geographic territory, and has access to a number of different traditional and non-traditional military capabilities that threaten the world’s security with potential terrorist activities.

On the basis of these threats, this website focuses on highlighting weaknesses specifically within Islamic societies as well as more generally in the world as a whole. This work aims at contributing to raising awareness among sympathizers of ISIS, or those who wish to join its ranks, about the danger of this terrorist organization. The reader of this website would understand the threats posed by ISIS on his or her life, future, and the future of their society. Particular amongst these threats are the exclusionary and polarizing practices of ISIS. They accuse others of apostasy and hope to draw in as many sympathizers as possible, especially amongst youth and women to be the newest recruits and fuel for their military and intellectual fights.

“Say No to ISIS” aims to support and intensify expertise and projects that studied and analyzed the phenomenon of ISIS through writings, drawings, and films in order to direct them to the targeted groups in Arab societies. We hope to highlight the importance of a physical and symbolic renunciation of violence in ending extremism and terrorism. We also hope to utilize these projects to move forward in establishing political systems based on peaceful transfer of power in these societies.

Experience has shown that social media and modern means of communication are the quickest in disseminating ideas and ideologies with the greatest impact. ISIS uses these platforms and means of communication making it necessary to use the same means and create a website to counteract their discourse. It became necessary to be bold, to be courageous and to analyze issues of violence, extremism and terrorism with honesty and accuracy accounting for all the aspects of ISIS and addressing the terrorist group beyond its regional dimension. The danger of ISIS is looming over the whole world.

“Say No to ISIS” provides multiple different data and credible material to researchers, interested individuals, and all members of Arab and Western societies.

We welcome you to view and utilize our site as an educational and awareness raising initiative, and we welcome all serious contributions dealing rationally and objectively with the subject of ISIS. You can also send your contributions of articles, drawings, caricatures, or videos by contacting us: link

An appeal to every Muslim and Muslim

Steadfast WE Stand 
A Call to Every Muslim Man and Woman

This is a call of reason, this is a call of heart. This is a call to sound out a resonating refusal against the pungent stench of murder and gunpowder. A call against the destruction of machine guns and tanks. This is a refusal of hatred, rancor, and terrorism.

Consider this with me: do we not deserve a homeland without our miserable wounds? Do we not deserve to live in peace and without fear? Do we not deserve a homeland that shines once again with the splendor of the sun of civilization? Consider this with me: is Islam not equivalent to peace? Is it not a lifestyle based on the happiness of humankind? Is Islam not peace, and peace and peace? How can these strange creatures, who provoke sedition (fitna), cut off heads, burn bodies, and execute children, -how can they- conceal the beauty of our religion forever?

Oh, how exhausted you are my dear homeland, how many lurking dangers and adversaries await. The terrorism of ISIS, and before it the terrorism of al-Qaeda, and every type of terrorism are

suspended,  like monsters, in a state of ignorance. Monsters that threaten you and I and that spread darkness and destruction in its wake. It threatens to shut out all of our light.

This homeland, my homeland, our homeland, stands in front of us, wounded. Our homeland that extends from Bahrain in the East to Morocco in the West, is being shadowed by blind terrorism. A terrorism that watches us, and beckons us to enter a school of killing and to shut off the light of reason. It stands and asks us to divide the world in half: into the people of truth, and the people of falsehood.

Oh spreader of darkness, when will you understand that my religion has never been a religion of killing, and has never encouraged the torture of human beings. When will you understand that my religion has never encouraged peeling off fingernails, or committing beheadings?

When will you understand, oh spreader of darkness, that I am the true Muslim, not you? My values are written in the ink of tolerance, written with a Henna pen of communication. My values are written in the colors of compassion and mutual sympathy.

When will you understand, that I am the future, not you? That the future approaching us will work for humanity, not work to kill it? When will you understand that the future does not serve the passive onlooker or the submissive follower? That the future does not work to satisfy killers and criminals? When will you understand that the future comes with intentional will that persists in working towards bettering humanity?

Here are the resistant. In the name of all Arabs, Muslims, and all who truly care for our homeland, we stand and declare this. We will be victorious in our virtue. Stay away from our lands, and take away your hatred. Do not be under the delusion that you are God’s martyrs. Your death would be at the hands of ISIS’ members themselves who are tirelessly placing traps to catch you.

Take your resentment away from us and repent before it is too late, when you discover the bitter truth of the ISIS hell. You may try to escape your own existence after it is too late, but your fate will be the tearing of your bodies into limbs and beheadings at the hands of the same terrorism that you praise. Take your darkness away from us, and do not kill your Muslim brothers lest you lose this life and the afterlife with a punishment of hell, an evil refuge indeed. God says in the Quran:

“If anyone slays a human being-unless it be [in punishment] for murder or for spreading corruption on earth-it shall be as though he had slain all mankind; whereas, if anyone saves a life, it shall be as though he had saved the lives of all mankind”[1] (5:32)

Allah Speaks the Truth

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